Gauge the Health of Your Brand on Social Media


The first thing every company wants to know about social media is what people are saying about them. Gauging the health of your brand online provides business intelligence that you might not glean from other sources.

Do people love you, are they frustrated by your customer service, is your new product a hit? And does the feedback line up with how you’re positioning and presenting your company to the public? (Maybe you need to change your language to suit your customers.)

Don’t shy away from criticism. Negative feedback can be some of the best intelligence you can gather about what you can improve in your business. Instead of taking offense, think of your critics as volunteer mystery shoppers.

If there are issues that concern your community, it’s always best to be aware, responsive, and determine a course correction.


Your brand isn’t just what you say it is. It’s also defined by your customers, prospects, competitors, industry, media and the world at large.

A brand is the sum of all conversations, and in the fast-moving and dynamic world of social media, you need a handle on how your brand is being perceived.

Search for terms that are directly related to your business. Develop a stack of keywords and phrases that include:

•Your company name

•Your brands, business units, or product offerings

•Names of specialized services you offer

•Names or terms around specific campaigns

•Key stakeholders in your organization

•Nicknames, abbreviations, or misspellings of any of the above


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by Mehdi Sarsar