The impact of mobile technology on business operations

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Mobile computing is in the midst of transformation, and the impact of mobile technology on business is visible. Mobile tech is of course increasing in sophistication, and among enterprises there's a shift from mobile device management to enterprise mobility management. Malware tools are also evolving to meet changing mobile technology.

Other factors at play include the disappearing network perimeter and the issue of enforcing policy and respecting privacy in the BYOD era. IBM predicts that by 2020, the world will contain 50 billion connected devices, all of which must be protected from bad actors. With all of these dynamics at work, CIOs need to set strategy for securing their business' mobile systems.

In this webcast, mobility consultant Bob Egan explains the impact of mobile technology on business. Mobile technology has changed how people live, work and play, and it has the potential to eventually replace traditional computers. While desktop as a platform is collapsing, mobile computing is growing, and with it, an exponential growth of mobile data. Egan goes so far as to say that mobile innovation is the very DNA of today's digital business. Therefore, CIOs who are striving toward digital business need to pay heed.

Editor's note: The following is a transcript of the first of four excerpts of Egan's webcast presentation on mobile security. This explanation of the impact of mobile technology on business has been edited for clarity and length.

Mobile computing really is in a state of evolution. We see the attack vectors continue to grow larger, grow at an accelerated pace, and while we're seeing many of the malware tools and the device management and application tools getting better and better, they're not always keeping up with the [pace of change] of the intelligence associated with the malfeasants out here who are rifling consumers of their privacy, challenging devices and information around security and continuing to raise havoc in many, many ways -- in much the same way we saw in the early days of PCs, and certainly we continue to see in the world of the internet. But I think it's really important [to realize that] every aspect of your business is about to change or is likely to change. We have a situation, which frankly we have not seen before, where every aspect is changing because the amount of data driven especially by mobile is growing at such an exponential rate that we can barely calculate it. Mobile has already created massive impact on the rules of business and in fact how we live, work and play, but I think it's really important to explore some of these seismic shifts that are being created not just by mobile, but [also by] the combination of this thing called the internet of things or the sensorization of everything, coupled with cloud computing, big data as well as an increasing and compelling need for analytics.