The impact of mobile technology on business operations

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There's no better place to start [than] by taking a look at the big picture [of] the journey that we're on. One of the most interesting things is that with each generation of technology, we really begin to see big step changes in scale. What I think that scale means is that it becomes a new ecosystem and becomes the new center of innovation. When you think about mobile phones or tablets, iOS and Android smartphones are now outselling PCs almost 5:1, not even counting some of the growth that we're seeing in the tablet market all by itself. And I think over the next four or five years, we're likely to see that ... grow closer to 10:1.  


So, I think it's important to realize that this in fact is the new scale of ecosystem. Consider that we've gone from roughly 2 billion PCs in an accumulated way over the last eight to 10 years, and we'll probably top out at an installed base [at] 2.3 billion or so. With smartphones, we're already approaching 4 billion, and when we start thinking about all of these sensors that are being embedded in all kinds of these devices, and external to these devices that we'll have access to, we are really going to see not only the attack vectors from a mobile standpoint continue to increase, but also see the amount of data that is traversing these networks into and out of our companies, into and out of our phones, into and out of our payment systems, and into and out of our healthcare systems, grow at an exponential rate


One of the most interesting things is that people talk about IoT and certainly there's a lot of hype around IoT, but I don't think that the opportunities are limited by that hype, but more about our imagination. Consider what Boeing is already doing with the 787. This aircraft on each route collects 5 to 10 GB of data. Now it's true that a lot of that is sensors related to aircraft performance and maintenance, but another gigabyte or gigabyte and a half of data is also relative to us as consumers ... about when we boarded: Where we're sitting, did we change seats? Did we buy a movie? What did we order for food? Who might be sitting next to us? How might we be related? How did we buy our ticket? What was the channel we bought our ticket on? And by taking and combining all of these analytics, it becomes really interesting how they can apply that to provide better services to us and more personalized opportunities for us to continue to engage with that particular airline.