SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase

SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase, now a solution extension offered by SAP, provides marketers accurate, real-time analytics for understanding their markets through the social web. It processes billions of social media posts across millions of sites globally to extract structured insights that enterprises can use to quickly discover market needs and trends; quantify market perceptions about products, services, and companies; and effectively track their success in the market.

SAP customers now have a fast, reliable way to:


  • Rapidly monitor and respond to market reaction to new product launches.
  • Quantify market perceptions about products, services, and companies.
  • Track the success of marketing campaigns.
  • Discover insights and uncover trends in customer preferences.
  • Accurately identify strengths and weaknesses in competing products.

SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase complements SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions, which empower teams to achieve remarkable results by allowing anyone in an organization self-service access to relevant information. Global enterprises can now further transform their decision making with fact-based, quality information from the social web.

Benefits of SAP Solution Extensions by NetBase:

  • Testing to ensure that stringent SAP product standards are met, including usability, security, and functional correctness
  • Training, maintenance, and support provided through SAP to reduce complexity and costs
  • The ability to better manage administrative overhead costs associated with maintaining multiple vendor relationships
  • Integration with SAP roadmap provides alignment with future SAP direction and investments